Licensing event Langerwisch … J. Ch. Grady el Shiraz got his breed license

Sunday, 1/31/2016, it was finally time. Our Junior Champion Grady el Shiraz got his breed license!


Conformation assessment:

    • Size: 49,2 cm
    • Teeth: complete scissor bite
    • Overall impression: corresponding to the desired ideal
    • Bones: strong
    • Head: elegant, correct length of muzzle
    • Muscling: very dry
    • Eyes: round and black
    • Ears: correct set, well-folded
    • Neck: of correct length
    • Building: well proportioned in correct length
    • Topline: firm back, well-draining croup
    • Tail: Tail set correctly, correct length and shape
    • Underline: excellent forechest, deep chest, well arched ribs
    • Forequarters: correctly slpoed shoulder, with good angulation of upper arm, Carpal correctly
    • Hindquarters: Thigh correctly in width and correctly angled ankle
    • Paws / Stand: good knuckled paw, stand parallel
    • Hair color: black and white pied
    • Pigment: black
    • Gait: moving nimbly and smoothly
    • Nature: friendly open attitude

Note: medium-sized, very attractive male.


J. Ch. Grady el Schiras / Copyright: Katrin Thürnau


Behavioral assessment:

  • Welcome sub test: passed
  • Run sub test: passed
  • Group sub test: passed
  • Touch sub test: passed
  • Tooth sub test: passed
  • Second dog sub testpassed

The described dog has passed the behavioral assessment.

Therefore our Junior Champion Grady el Shiras is available for healthy Whippet bitches.


Copyright: Katrin Thurnau
Copyright: Katrin Thürnau
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